WHY 2019 WAS 


6 AMA clients who SMASHED it this year

 14th November 2019


Cast as the Title-Lead in ABC’s “Itch” (Komixx Entertainment) After shooting in early 2019, Samuel went back to the theatre scene where he first learned his craft.

After having several U.S managers interested in him for American representation, Ireland traveled to LA in October for various meetings and signed with Alan Siegal Entertainment, who also manage Gerard Butler.

"The Light" a film starring Irleand in his feature debut, was also released only last month. 


Having recently starred in film & tv such as "The Excellend Mr Dundee", "Harrow", "Neighbours" and the Hallmark film "A Summer to Remember" The Stunning and talented Annan spent 2019 on the set of "Stateless" alongside a cast that includes Cate Blanchett .

Simone was also signed by Roar Entertainment in LA and has already been regulary requested for various American castings.


2019 saw the release of the highly-praised feature film "The Naked Wanderer" which was written by and stars Durlik, and also stars Oscar-Nominated Actor John Cleese!

This is just the beginning for the multi-talented actor, comedian, writer and director who also has severel green-lit projects lined up, due to go in to production in 2020.


Continuing her reign in Hollywood, 2019 saw Adelaide return to Blumhouse Pictures with a role in "Into The Dark: Uncanny Annie" 

Kane had previosuly worked with Blumhouse as Ethan Hawke's daughter in the original classic "The Purge"

Kane is currently shooting a role in "Seal Team"

Her dream however is to shoot a film back home in Australia.


Don't let his boyish good looks fool you, Harry Popple plays the mean-spirited Darcy in ABC's "Itch" based on Simon Mayo's popular book franchise, winning the role over 1000s of auditionees!

The good news, he is nothing like Darcy in real life, and this down-to-earth and charming young actor has had a lot of U.S managers and agents knocking.

Popple has signed with Brave Artist Management in LA.


Continuing to impress the many casts and crews she works with, this year Megan Hollier returned for season 2 of Matchbox Pictures' "The Heights" reprising her role of Jill.

2019 also saw the relase of the crtically acclaimed comedy series "Single ladies" which Megan co-wrote and plays the lead role.

Having studied her craft in USA, Hollier is frequently requested to tape for major film and TV there as well as lcoally.